Sri Lanka

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A teardrop-shaped island cast adrift in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is filled with cultural and natural treasures. Indians, Portuguese, Dutch and British have all left their marks here, making for a delightful mix of ancient cities, monuments and grand colonial architecture. The vast and rich cultural diversity is one of Sri Lanka’s core identities. Sri Lankan culture is often reflected by the use of art, architecture, sculptures, and even spicy cuisines.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, has been hailed a tourism destination for centuries. The well-known explorer Marco Polo stated that Sri Lanka was the finest island in the whole world.

Shaped like a teardrop and located close to the semi-continent of India. The tropical island of Sri Lanka offers an experience like no other! Beginning with the pristine shores that border this mound of land.

Sri Lanka boasts some of the best beaches in the region. Moving inland toward the central hill country, the climate changes to a cool and cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Reaching the north, the climate gets hotter, but still enjoyable.

When it comes to culture and history, Ceylon is rich in both! We encourage you to have an adventure of a lifetime with Sri Lanka holiday tour packages to make your vacation truly memorable.

The little island has much to offer including world heritage sites, palm fringed coasts, rolling tea plantations, fascinating wildlife, well-preserved ruins, Ayurveda and wellness spas, and most importantly a very cozy climate.

Sri Lanka Tourism is a fast-growing sector in Sri Lanka. There are numerous hotels, guest houses, luxury boutique hotels, villas and bungalows which provide the best service for tourists. Because of this Sri Lanka has highlighted as the best travel destination in the WORLD.


As per the records, Sri Lanka’s history is as old as 2,500 years. Over these years, India and Sri Lanka have established great camaraderie in terms of cultural relations. The son of glorious emperor Ashoka, Mahindra is credited to bring Buddhism to Sri Lanka. In fact, he planted a sapling from Bodhgaya’s Bodhi Tree to Anuradhapura. The location at present is a world heritage site, famous for hosting the revered roots to Buddhism.

In the modern history, Sri Lanka attracted many colonialists with vested interests in its natural resources. Portuguese were the first who reached Sri Lankan onshore in 1505. After more than a century and a half, in 1658, Dutch forced out the Portuguese and established their control over whole island country.

Kandy, the central kingdom remained free from colonial invasion under Kandyan rule. In 1796, the country attracted attention of the British, who 29 years later invaded Kingdom of Kandy. The British thereafter began taking over full control over the country. They even brought labourers from South India to work in tea, coffee and coconut plantations.

By 1833, the whole country came under British control. They renamed Sri Lanka as Ceylon. In 1931, British granted the right to vote and introduced power sharing with Sinhalese run government.

It was in 1948, that Ceylon gained full independence and resorted back to the name of Sri Lanka. After independence, the country had turbulent history. The rough times are now over. And the destination is back to its usual vibrant self, attracting lot of nature and heritage lovers.